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Sumerland: Press: McCoy on Austin Osman Spare from “AOS: A Celebration”

Dal web spunta una vecchia intervista di Andrew Collins a Carl McCoy dei FieldsNephilim, in cui racconta della genesi occulta dei suoi lavori, in particolare di Elizium, in cui le idee dell’occultista Austin Osman Spare hanno guidato la realizzazione dei capolavori oscuri e ipnotici della band. Un significativo estratto (in inglese):

For me, the love affair with Fields of the Nephilim goes back to one night in 1988. I recall watching Top of the Pops and seeing the promo video for Moonchild, which had just entered the Top 30. The snarling jaws of hell-hounds, combined with shimmering scenes in black and white showing shrouded spirits, ritual paraphernalia and occult invocation, left me transfixed. I didn’t know who these people were, but felt I needed to listen to their records, find out what made them tick. I became acquainted with the Nephilim’s front man and composer Carl McCoy, unquestionably the driving force behind this fascinating musical phenomenon. Carl subsequently read and was impressed by my book The Black Alchemist, released that same year, and since then we have remained friends.

How did this affinity begin?

“I found Spare by chance — It was mainly through references to William Blake, John Dee, the chaos current and, of course, art.”

Was it the art that captivated you, or the man himself?

“Somehow, the symbolism struck. We were of a like mind. His writings and interpretation of evocation were something I understood totally, and there are not many people that I have found who really shine. Spare used a language that is very old — partly words of phonetic emotions, but more than anything it was his symbolism, which balanced it out to fill in the gaps of what he attempted to explain.
“Spare needed the sigils and the art to come together as a magical language. His style was able to help me in what I did as far as understanding and interpreting the whole current, and the spiritual instinct that surrounds us. He tried to explain that which is not dimensional, and he did it perfectly.”

Are you saying that it was through loneliness that Spare achieved his goals?

“No, he was a person that lived a solitary lifestyle. He wasn’t lonely because of the whole spiritual entity that surrounded him. He never felt lonely, he didn’t need help.”

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Fields Of The Nephilim – Trivia – Metal Storm

Alcune curiosità su Carl McCoy e Fields Nephilim. Su MetalStorm.

The band has been influenced by the imagery and soundtrack of the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone. The band even uses Ennio Morricone‘s “Harmonica” as an intro for the album Dawnrazor. The inclusion of elements from Morricone‘s music has prompted Carl McCoy to jokingly refer to his band’s music as “Spaghetti Metal”.
The song Psychonaut shares its title with the famous bible of Chaos Magick by Peter Carroll. A psychonaut is a person who uses intentionally induced altered states of consciousness to explore reality, consciousness and faith. Gnosis, the state that a psychonaut tries to achieve, can be induced using meditation, lucid dreaming or sensory deprivation. It can also be induced using psychedelic drugs, in which case it is called chemognosis.
The infamous occult writer and magician Alisteir Crowley is sampled in the song “At The Gates Of Silent Memory” from the album Elizium. The recording comes from a wax cylinder recording done while Crowley was still alive.
Sheer Faith, the graphics company responsible for all art associated with the Nephilim, is owned and supervised by Carl McCoy himself. Sheer Faith also works independently of the band and produces CGI effects for film and television, as well as online content.
Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin, has been quoted as saying that he is a big fan of the Fields Of The Nephilim.

The Nefilim – Love Under Will Live @ The Music Hall, Cologne – 15.12.93

Afferente alle sfere abissali, le energie scuotono le percezioni.

Sumerland: Press: Melody Maker, November 1989

Su SumerLand un gustoso post – datato quasi trent’anni, ma l’ho scoperto solo ora – in cui si fa una sorta di fantastoria, ma non troppo, della fine dei primi FieldsNephilim. Il sito è interessante, ha una serie di link molto intriganti e dei post molto interessanti, vi lascio però a un estratto dal post in questione:

Oh, woe an’ misery an’ suchlike is me! This ‘as been the blackest week in my life. Carl, our lordly liege, our livin’ Leviathan an’ High Priest of the Darkest glades of Elizium ‘as decided to leave the Nephilim! We are as sheep wivvaht a shepherd, lost souls disportin’ in the void an’ stumped as to wot we’re gonna do next! I blame the uvvers, Pete, Paul an’ Tony, the rotten bastards. They’re always bin causin’ grief between me an’ Carl – like the uvva day when they grabbed me in my bedroom, shoved luminous skull cap over me bonce an’ hung me dahn the side of the hahse by a noose ahtside His study, wiv’ me screamin’ an’ bangin’ against it! Poor Carl fought I was one of the legendary Three Deadly Elves of Lucifer, come to steal His soul. An’ when the uvvers came in an’ told Him it was one of my pranks, He had a strangely wistful look in His gimlet-like eye as He ordered me to do 10 pressups.

An’ then today, the uvvers broke it to me. “Bad news, Nod,” said Pete. “Carl, our leader and guiding light has decided to leave the group.” “But – but why?” I whimpered, aghast. “He is an astral traveller, with new dimensions of inner and outer space to explore,” said Paul. “He tires of mortals and their foibles. He has ascended above this mortal coil.” “I – I don’t believe it!” I stuttered, tearfully. “It is true. Observe the portents. See how the ravens have left the Tower of London and nestle yonder! ” said Tony, pointin’ to a load of birds in the garden. They looked like crows to me, I must admit but I ain’t an expert on orthinolog – orithnol – ornothinol – on birds like wot Tony is. “See how the earth itself shakes with trepidation!” said Pete, an’ it’s true, the table did seem to rattle, an’ I’m sure it wasn’t Pete, Paul an’ Tony shakin’ the table legs surreptitiously but dark forces wot we don’t comprehend. That settled it for me. “Carl’s last message is that He wishes you to Iead the group, to climb down from your drumkit and take up his burden. We are unworthy – you must show us the way. He bid that we become a techno-baggy group like EMF and that we change our name to NWE – the Nod Wright Experience,” announced Paul. Well, I was gobsmacked! I ain’t much of a singa, ‘cept in the barf, but if this is wot Carl wanted!

“We have your Nike trainers and shell-suit ready, Nod,” said Pete. Shall we go next door into the home studio and lay down some rough demos? We’ve borrowed a sampler too.”


How The Fields Of The Nephilim Had The Last Laugh | Louder

Un’interessante intervista – anche se del 2012 – a Carl McCoy, leader incontrastato dei FieldsNephilim. Vi si apprendono interessanti nozioni, una su tutte la volontà di non creare un brand stravenduto e commerciale. Amo quest’uomo…

The band – McCoy, guitarists Paul Wright and Pete Yates, bassist Tony Pettitt and drummer Alexander ‘Nod’ Wright – got plenty of attention when they first emerged in the mid-80s because they had the habit of covering themselves in flour before going on stage. The obvious question now is ‘why?’.

“We had to develop something because we were such an odd-looking bunch,” says McCoy. “We didn’t look like a band, so we mixed the Victorian clobber that we tended to pick up from charity shops for everyday wear with some sort of Spanish/Mexican spaghetti western vibe and basically covered it all in a load of shit, so we at least looked like we belonged together. It was a bit of a response to all that post-punk glam thing that was around at the time too, that whole Hanoi Rocks vibe. We weren’t comfortable with that. We were from Hitchin! But we didn’t really think about the flour that much. It just happened.”

I only sang the way I sang because I burnt my throat when I was a kid. I got hot food stuck down there and my throat got singed. I couldn’t talk for four weeks, but the effects lasted forever! And our music was totally different to the Sisters, too. Our sound to me was always like Pink Floyd mixed with the Velvets and even with a touch of jazz thrown in. Paul was a jazz-trained guitarist and that’s what helped make us sound unique.”

Nefilim – Sensorium

Una sorta di inedito, in questa demoversion erutta ogni tipo di oscurità Grande Antica.

Carl McCoy

Un omaggio allo sciamano oscuro dei FieldOfTheNephilim.

Fields Of The Nephilim – At the Gates of Silent Memory @ Amphi Festival 2017 Tanzbrunnen Koln 22 7

Spettacolare performance oscura e psichica, catarsi di una tagliente energia occulta (osservate gli occhi e la mimica di Carl) per questo brano e per i FOTN. Non vedo l’ora di assistere nuovamente a un loro gig.

Pink Floyd – A Saucerful Of Secrets Live 1969 |Full HD|

Una performance dei primi Floyd, un concerto dell’ottobre ’69 tenuto in Germania che, a guardarlo ora, sembra performato dai Fields of the Nephilim, per l’alta densità di ghiaccio secco e per la catarsi espressa dalla band, simile a quella oscura e nefilide che sarà propria del gruppo di Carl McCoy.

The Nefilim – Zoon (Pts 1, 2, and 3)

La mia stessa identità, anima; olografia oscura e occulta di ciò che sono.

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