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This Is Not A Drill Tour Review: The Genius of Roger Waters

Una recensione al tour attuale di Roger Waters (This Is Not A Drill: sarà davvero l’ultimo?), in particolare per la data di San Francisco; vi lascio ad alcune note in inglese del recensore ThePaltrySum:

Before I carry on, I will say this. If you don’t have tickets to see Roger’s This Is Not A Drill performance, if you even have the vague notion that you ‘might like to go to the show’, stop reading this review right now, fire up ticketmaster and buy two tickets, in the most expensive seats you can afford. Just do it. You can read the review and salivate at the prospect of getting to experience this goodbye tour from Waters after. You will not regret it, and might even consider me quite a stand up kinda girl for giving you the hint. After all I could simply have not told you, and then you would be missing out on seeing what was the best show of my lifetime, and that would just be sad.

When we took our seats, in the center of the top end section of the stadium I became acutely aware of the problem that performing in the round poses. Everyone wants to see Roger and the rest of the performers, and everyone in there needs to get a good look at the light and projection show, which absolutely makes This Is Not A Drill into the masterpiece it is. The sight of crossed hammers with This Is Not A Drill written under them greeted the audience, being beamed in by an uncertain and sometimes fuzzed out interrupted transmission.

More importantly perhaps, Roger’s heart is clearly in the right place. Roger is the ultimate hippy child, all grown up, who always did see the wolf knocking at the door, and started to warn us all in the 70s that the ‘Lunatics (were) on the grass’, trying to cut all us little people up into lamb chops, to mix my album metaphors. Tonight there was plenty of material from both Animals and Dark Side of the Moon. In fact Roger played for 2 and 3/4 hours. Track after perfect track, stunningly presented, perfectly played and proving who Pink was this whole damn time. It was Rog. You see Roger can do Floyd without Mason or Gilmour, but Gilmour cannot do Floyd adequately without Roger. Heck Waters even have a new guitarist and singer of Money, whose name is also David. The fact is the New David’s guitar work is every bit as luscious as Dave “Killer” Gilmour’s, it is every bit as perfect as David’s work on the albums. The New Dave doesn’t go off the beaten track and improvise like Old David does, but in my mind that is good. People love the albums. They want to hear it like it is on the album, not feel sad because their favorite song sounds different. We need that soaring arpeggio. The audience thirsts to hear the songs that are part of their life, their social awareness, their friends, their comfort, exactly how they are on the albums, and for the most part, Roger gives us boys and girls exactly what our hearts desire.

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A te 😊

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Passa da me c’è una robetta inglese anarco-punk

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